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Hashflare Bitcoin Mining Update | Is Bitcoin Mining Still Worth It?

Acheter et Vendre des Bitcoins

Hashflare Bitcoin Mining Update | Is Bitcoin Mining Still Worth It? After the recent Bitcoin crash, many people are starting to get discouraged about the sharp dip in their Hashflare bitcoin…

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Comment (0)

  1. Hashflare is currently not profitable… why are you misleading everyone? Every two weeks your revenue goes down due to the difficulty, if you are lucky by the end of the year you will be making 1/4 of what you are making now…. if you re-invest you will make nothing as your contract is good for a year, meaning if you don't withdraw and just keep buying eventually everything will expire… you better off just buying bitcoin directly.

  2. Jay I liked your videos for the most part, but these repetable "Hashflare Commercials", especially in the current bear-market situation, are just kind of selfish (regarding the affiliate promotion). It's just fact that right now that it's just not profitable at all. To be more precise, the actual ROI at Hashflare is around 490 days. Come on dude, don't let the sheeps run into that 😉

    Guys, better invest in project you like (a thorough study provided) and get nice returns in the next months. Don't look your capital up in at those contracts right now, wait for the right time where the BTC price and the difficulty have complied again.

  3. From what I can tell, you actually are not earning .00779089 BTC per day. You are earniong .00779089 BTC per day MINUS the Maintenance which is almost half. If you go to your history LOG you will see that almost half is taken away. Please tell me if you don't think if what I am saying is accurate.

  4. Hey Jay great video. Couple of things that has been beneficial to me with cloud mining on Bitcoin.
    1. Regardless of the higher prices that Hashflare charges, I find it to be one of the more trusted mining companies.
    2. Pool settings that I find that most consistent are antpool and F2 pool.
    3a. Please consider reinvesting back your gains vs pulling out your profits too soon.
    3b. When consider reinvesting strategy it's better manually reinvest vs setting it on automated.
    3c. Reinvestment manually is best if it's done every 3 to 4 days, let your payouts accumulate a bit.
    3d. Finally, it is not worth reinvesting if the price of Bitcoin is less than 15k. Just keep holding onto your payouts folks.


  5. Jay love your videos…learned a lot along the way. Thinking that’s videos like this need to be more well rounded and showing how much lower payouts actually are right now considering that the mining difficultly is increasing and increasing. The maint fee is no longer around 17%. It’s actually about double. Now, if your simply trying to recruit new money to invest in cloud mining using your affiliate link based on your ‘optimism’ about the future of the btc price over the next year then this video is spot on. I hope people truly understand how this can move against them if things keep on the same track as they have been.

  6. For newbies. If you invest your Bitcoins in Hashflare you will never ever get your money back. After 2 years at Hashflare I received only 39% of my and now they increased the withdrawal amount limitations to a point that you will not be able to reach it. If you still want to give them your money, go ahead…You can only make money with Hashflare if you promote affiliate links.

  7. I respect how you have done your research on hashflare and how you spoke with the people that work there. It brought a level of transparency that was needed. This video and a ton of other cloud mining videos are super misleading. That account you showed makes closer to $30 a day not 70. The difficulty with the price of btc right now makes these contracts barley profitable. Maybe when btc reaches 15k they will be more profitable but with how the difficulty increases so much that 500k a year is a complete dream. Will it be profitable yes, but saying it would be anything close to that profitable is totally misleading. At the current rate of everything moving forward like the difficulty and the price, the break even point is way to far away to think about. Let alone make a huge amount of money. I appreciate the good you bring to the crypto world thou.

  8. Hey Guys..Please don't listen to this Scammer and don't use his referral link to Join Bitcoin Cloud Mining.

    Right now Cloud mining is not profitable at all.Please try to invest to some good coins at Dip and HODL.

    Don't listen to this Scammer.I am telling you from Experience.