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The End of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Acheter et Vendre des Bitcoins

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  1. PEOPLE are so serious and tough! Watching your videos make my day evertime and without your stupidity(silliness) I would be very bored & disappointed. So please please do not every stop being silly as we all need it to get through this craziness we call cryto-life…. Thank you from the bottom of investment wallets & keep up the love…. your #1 Crazy Arab Fan…….

  2. People who are complaining about the title are the same people who probably lose their minds when their coins haven't moon 24hr after purchase. There has been alot of FUD over the last few weeks about the end of crypto, so the title is totally valid. Keep up the great man! Love your vids!!! Boomshakalaka!!!

  3. Listen, crypto currency will take over the Banks just the way email replaced post office .I had 5.5Btc which dropped to 2btc when i came across a testimony of a Pro Trader "Mr MORRIS ANDERSON” I was skeptical at first but i gave him a try, Right now i can boost of 16Btc in my wallet and it won’t be bad if i sell 10Btc and trade with my 8Btc over and over again, I tell you today that bitcoin is unshakable and you shouldn’t give up, we have seen major crash in the past. He is someone who have been in crypto currency over the years and he have been able to keep my BITCOIN increasing even when people are crying about the crash which doesn’t really affect me, I want you to contact him on Morrisanderson678@gmail .com and you can also reach him on telegram WhatsApp with +1(951)3803828.

  4. Hi Guys

    This is really awkward and embarrassing for me but I have to ask for your help.

    I am a 44 year old guy and I have been engaged to my fiancé for 6 years now. Last year I finally proposed to her and we planned to get married this summer. I had some money but in December 2017 I decided to invest it in bitcoins and as you all know what happened since.

    I am fully  aware of my stupidity and I think I deserve what happened to me. The problem is that my fiancé told me yesterday that if we don’t get married by September 2018 then she will break up with me. I love this woman so much and the thought of breaking up with her is killing me. We also have two children and I don’t want to separate from them.

    I would be really grateful If you can help with any bitcoin amount between $5 and $20  please send it to this address:


    This is genuine situation so if you can’t help please refrain from insult or making accusations .

    Many thanks