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What Bitcoin Needs to Turn Bullish & End Correction!

Acheter et Vendre des Bitcoins

This is a update to our previous videos on the Bitcoin correction. I also briefly discuss MACD and RSI and how to use them as confirmations. Please watch the previous videos for big picture:…

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  1. So what you say makes sense I came to the same conclution the volume just isn't there. But what causes support and resistance? Is it the fact that all educated traders are using the same method and psychology and therefore if everyone is trading the same no one is going to buy above a certain price? Like if you have a group of people all with the same personality and education they are going to act in the same way? IE if everyone was an expirience trader NO ONE would have bought in at 17k but people still did someone was buying my coins. is this what makes the idea of support and resistance work: its harder to trade now because educated people are not artificially pushing the price up because they no better then to by when they think its going down?

  2. Thanks for doing these buddy. I'm throwing some money (not a lot, under 100) and trading altcoins purely for fun. Thanks to you though I'm actually turning a profit! Again not big, but I see it as a proof of concept until the overall market calms down. Keep it up brother 🙂

  3. Hey Randall. Thanks for the informative video. I've just found your channel and appreciate your content! I've got a Question for you though. I trade on Bittrex, should I be using a bittrex only chart when determining trades, or cross examining it with gdax/ other sites with more volume to determine what the whole market is doing? In other words: are lower volume exchanges less predictable? Thx!

  4. Honestly, love your videos. You're now my #1 youtuber when it comes to crypto. How you always try to use logic to reason and base things on facts. I sold a few days ago because I saw your videos, and even if it goes up, I won't even be mad. Why? Because I can live with myself knowing that I made a decision based on logic, not emotions, and you helped with that. Please continue to create great content, I will definately be waiting for future videos to come out.

  5. It's embarrassing to admit but I've been one of those people who have just been trying to buy the lows and sell the highs without any understanding of what's really happening. Watching this video has made me realize how stupid I've been and how much work I need to put into myself if I expect to do this for a living in the near future. I'm going to make a big list of things that I need to study well and then spend as much time on each thing (MACD, RSI, Volume, etc.) as I need to so that I can become proficient. You have humbled me sir. I have a lot of work to do. Thank you!